New Zealand extends lockdowns as cluster grows


New Zealand has moved Auckland to stage 3 restrictions around news of a cluster outbreak of COVID-19. 30,000 tests have taken place in the last 48 hours and 38 people are now linked to this cluster. While contact tracing is underway and the government has announced that restrictions will stay in place for the next 12 days.

Earlier this week, there was panic buying and a change in mood in New Zealand. Considering all this its important to keep logically thinking, keep up the vigilance and applying the known COVID safe practices ; it is also important to note that there are many New Zealand based companies that are here to help.

At Acqua by Davey, we have a suite of products that can assist with your infection control, bio-security, disinfection and sterilization needs. We have core water products including our chemical injection, monitoring and UV systems. We also offer water treatment solutions for water that is critical for the needs in Central Sterilization Services for surgery.

Some of the lesser known products are our exciting BIO-SCAN product for disinfecting surfaces. This product can be used for hard to reach or hard to sterilize areas, areas like keyboards or cloth based chairs in waiting rooms. The BIO-SCAN product is easy to use and quick to use and it uses UV light to clean.

UV Disinfection Light
French made UV Sterilizer for surface disinfecting.

Alternatively, we also offer chemical makeup systems for people that need to bulk by disinfectant and dilute it. Our systems can dilute automatically to a set concentration and be monitored remotely on demand.

We can also help with boom spray systems for trucks and vehicles that need to apply disinfectants to trucks or cars on entry to properties. These systems are activated by a sensor located in the road and apply chemical through a series of sprays. They can also be made to work on selected vehicle types only and are great for bio-security control on farms.

If you need are help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our head office is based in New Zealand and are happy to help with your needs, whether they relate to COVID-19, bio-security or infection control.

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