Capability Statement

Acqua by Davey has developed its own identity from Davey Water Products, and specialises in engineered water treatment solutions for niche markets. We work across Australia and New Zealand using a partner network and offer peace-of-mind, for specialised water treatment solutions. Each water treatment solution is custom designed and installed by our team of experts, and allows monitoring and management of your water treatment.


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Markets and Values

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    We work with the medical industry when specialised water needs, or risks are identified. Whether that is water for laboratories, steam sterilisers, washer disinfectors, endoscope reprocessing or manual processes, Acqua By Davey has the people, skills and know how to offer a solution. We also work with hospitals, surgeries, dentists, doctors, nurses and engineers with water solutions for AS/NZS 4187, to manage water quality accountability. Our services vary from consulting, audits, design, supply and service.

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    Offering tailored solutions focused on cost bleed or hidden efficiencies. We concentrate on improvement of animal feed conversion through improved water quality that is the right water quality for your application. Our solutions are modular, based on proven water technology and animal science.

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    Small Water Supplies

    Small commercial dwellings need safe drinking water too. Acqua by Davey can help by discussing the risks and offering solutions catered to remote areas that need access to clean, pure drinking water for human consumption. We specialise in areas like small towns, caravan parks, remote resorts, mining camps and camping grounds.

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    Food and Beverage

    Because of our rich history in disinfection and work with safe water in remote locations, we are often a clear choice for remote food processing facilities. Whether it is a microbrewery, café or vegetable processing facility - we can help. Our strengths lay in asset protection and managing your microbial risk from water.

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    Recycling and Waste Water Solutions

    Working with a risk-based approach with food and beverage facilities, we are often asked if we can do more from an environmental and water efficiency point of view. The answer is both. We can assist with recycled water for industrial processes and help you to develop a business case to provide certainty on your decision. We also have the skills to determine certain environmental considerations depending on your waste water discharges.

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    National Parks

    You can’t get more remote that our precious national parks. Government organisations often need help with simple risk-based solutions for our remote regions. We can assist with creating reliable drinking water solutions that can handle the extreme harsh environments or our most precious areas.

Attribute Matrix

  • Articulated value in industry language

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Coagulation

  • Ion Exchange

  • Media Filtration

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)

  • Ultra-Filtration

  • Chemical Solutions

  • Speciality Cartridge Filtration

  • Iron and Nitrate Removal

  • Consultancy and Auditing

  • Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Water Quality Monitoring

  • Water Testing

  • Servicing

  • Training



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Acqua by Davey offers you clean water through our specialised treatment solutions, regardless of the source or size of project. Our team of experts would love to help, get in touch.

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